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Wellbeing App Trialed at Coventry University London

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Coventry University Students' Union London recently joined a closed trial with three other universities looking to support our students with their 'emotional fitness'. The Fika app delivers short emotional exercises based on scientific research to empower students to take positive steps to improve their mental health. 

We currently have a group of students taking part in the pilot phase prior to launching the app more widely to support the development of students and ensuring that it meets students needs. So far they have taken place in a workshop to discuss different aspects of their student experience and how the app could best help them in their continued success. Further to this they will receive exclusive access to the app in order to provide feedback to the Fika team in the coming weeks.

"We strongly believe at Fika that when feeling connected, supported and empowered, people will flourish and succeed in their goals. We are on a mission to mainstream emotional fitness and know that the Student Union at Coventry University London embodies this mission because of how much they care about their student community. Each single student defines what the student experience is like for all the others, and understanding how to engage and support their students is crucial to how students develop themselves. The Student Union at Coventry University London understand this well and we are proud to be working them, inspired by their tireless efforts to elevate their students to the next level." Alex Swaab, Head of Partnerships, FIKA


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