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CUSU brings you an audience with the University Senior Leadership Team

Later this month, CUSU will host four members of the Vice-Chancellor's Office to speak about Coventry University and take questions from Coventry University students.

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We have a big event coming up later this month and we need you to be there…

The CUSU Reps Team has managed to secure the presence of four members of Coventry University’s Vice-Chancellor's Office, one of the most senior governing bodies at the University, at a special event.

Four members of the Senior Leadership Team - Guy Daly, Andrew Turner, Donna Kendall and Steve Galliford - will speak to you about Coventry University, its development and future. After their talks, you will be able to ask them questions about things relating to your experience of Coventry University.

This is your chance to ask some of the most senior staff about the changes they are making at Coventry University, many of which are affecting you and your peers. If you have had an experience of a particular service or event run by Coventry University, if you want to know how the University has prepared for national political events, or if you want to know more about the University's plans for development over the next few years, please come along.

Please join us at ECG-24 on 29th January at 2pm. There will be tea, coffee, juice and biscuits, kindly provided by the Senior Leadership Team.


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