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Reps' Bulletin 10-04-2020

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What's on for Reps?

Now that life at Coventry University has been turned upside down by the coronavirus, campus has shut down and a lot of services have moved online. The Reps Team will post a short weekly bulletin to let you know what is coming up for Reps over the next seven days. 

Here's what Reps have done over the last seven days and what you should know for next week...


No detriment

You've asked Coventry University to launch a policy to safeguard students' academic performance in the wake of the coronavirus. We're pleased to say that Coventry University will follow other universities in adopting a "no detriment" policy. Read your Vice-President for Education's update here.


Academic integrity

Many students at Coventry will be preparing for their final assessments now. Though the methods of assessment have likely changed drastically due to the coronavirus and the closure of campus, the principles of academic integrity remain the same. Your Vice-President for Education has some advice for you on academic integrity here.


Education Committee

The Education Committee is an assembly of your elected officers whose focus is on your education: your VPs for Education and Postgraduates, Faculty Reps and representatives for taught and research postgraduates. The Committee shapes the educational priorities and direction of Students' Union. The Committee meets roughly once a month and its most recent meeting took place yesterday.

The Education Committee discussed the launch of Coventry University's "no detriment" policy, the results of a survey for research postgraduates, last week's Student Voice Forums and how the Committee will operate in 2020/2021.

Did we miss anything? If you think the Education Committee should discuss something important, please get in contact with the Vice-President for Education or your Faculty Rep and we will add it to the agenda of our next meeting.


Conference calling

The National Union of Students held its annual conference online this year. As usual, your Students' Union was represented by a number of elected delegates. To find out what happened, your Vice-President for Education has prepared an account of her experience here.


Keeping you smiling!

The CUSU Reps Team is running a digital Easter egg hunt. If you happen to spot an Easter eggs on any of our pages and show us where you found it, we will enter you in a prize draw, closing on the 13th of April. The winner will receive a £50 Amazon voucher. Two runners-up will receive a £20 Amazon voucher each.

We know you miss Battle of the Faculties just as much as we do: that's why, when the Easter egg hunt ends, we will start a new digital quiz! Starting from the 14th of April, the CUSU Reps Team will post one question daily on the CUSU Student Reps Facebook page. Answer a question correctly and you will enter the prize draw; answer more questions correctly and you will be entered again, meaning that the more questions you answer correctly, the greater the chance that your name will be drawn. The final question will be posted on the 4th of May. On the 5th, we will annouce the winner of the quiz. The winner will receive a £100 Amazon voucher.

So if you catch sight of an egg on one of our pages or if you have an answer to our question, contact us - email or message us on one of our social media channels.


Rep applications for 2020/2021

Applications to be a Rep next year remain open. If you would like to represent the academic interests of students on your course, please complete the application form here. If you would like to become a Senior Course Rep, leading a team of Reps, chairing meetings, taking minutes and recruiting other students, please indicate in your application that you would like to be considered for a Senior role.

If you would like to represent students' experience of Coventry University's services - the Lanchester Library and the IT Services - please complete the Service Rep application form here. If you would like to be a Senior Service Rep, leading a team of Service Reps, attending meetings and focus groups on behalf of students and recruiting other students as Reps, please complete the separate application form for Senior Service Reps here.


Want to become a Rep? Complete the application form here:


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