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Reps' Bulletin 27-03-2020

What's on for Reps next week?

What's on for Reps?

Now that life at Coventry University has been turned upside down by the coronavirus, campus has shut down and a lot of services have moved online. The Reps Team will post a short weekly bulletin to let you know what is coming up for Reps over the next seven days. 

Here's what's coming up next week for Reps...



Classes and teaching at Coventry University has moved online and so has the Rep system. Our Forum meetings will now take place on Microsoft Teams. Staff and Reps have joined Teams on Microsoft Teams, where they can discuss students' academic experiences over the next few weeks.

All Reps have been added to a Team for their Forum. You have until Tuesday 31st of March to share feedback and ideas from the students you represent. Course directors and staff will have the next few days to reply to your comments. Senior Course Reps will take students' comments and staff members' responses and update their usual minutes document.

If you have not been added to a Team, please email and state your course and Forum. Please note that students who are not Reps will not be added to a Team.


Applications for 2020/2021

Applications to be a Rep next year remain open. If you would like to represent the academic interests of students on your course, please complete the application form here. If you would like to become a Senior Course Rep, leading a team of Reps, chairing meetings, taking minutes and recruiting other students, please indicate in your application that you would like to be considered for a Senior role.

If you would like to represent students' experience of Coventry University's services - the Lanchester Library and the IT Services - please complete the Service Rep application form here. If you would like to be a Senior Service Rep, leading a team of Service Reps, attending meetings and focus groups on behalf of students and recruiting other students as Reps, please complete the separate application form for Senior Service Reps here.


Want to become a Rep? Complete the application form here:


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