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Why You Should Become a Rep

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Rodolfos Maslias, Faculty Rep for Engineering, Environment and Computing

Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, you are bound to have views about how your course runs, which modules you like and don’t like, and whether you are really receiving value for money.

Becoming a Rep is the best way to raise this feedback about your course directly to the people that can do something about it. In my experience as a Senior Course Rep of three years, you can solve issues, even if, at first, they seem unsolvable. For example, I was able to move deadlines, and push for changes to modules that were part of my course and got implemented in my third year. You also get a lot of opportunities to develop your presentation and public speaking skills, while also learning how to lead a team and negotiate with academic staff.

As a Rep you will also be able to network with other students and staff, gaining useful contacts that might help you in the future (example: references for job applications, etc.). It also gives you the opportunity of increasing your involvement with CUSU, by running for a Faculty Rep or Community Officer position.

Personally, I became a Senior Course Rep and School Rep in my first year and that allowed me to grow as a person exponentially: I developed my public speaking skills, became a confident negotiator and met good friends that I am still in contact with now. It ultimately provided me with the necessary skills to go out to the workplace and made me stand out from other students. My election campaign for Faculty Rep also taught me valuable people and organisational skills, that continue to help me every day.

If you want to make your voice heard and become an active student that takes a step further than their peers, then don’t miss the opportunity of becoming a Rep!


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