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Bruno Caliengue - #ThisisCUSU

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"I study engineering. Currently I'm on my second year. I love engineering and the sciences and hopefully CU Scarborough gives me all the skills they have been providing me for the past year and I can progress in my career. I am a student ambassador as well. Also, I do volunteering for CUSU and I am the activities rep. Oh and good news, last week I got elected to be the next Campus Officer next year. I think that's a great opportunity for me, hopefully I can provide to other students and put in good work. Scarborough, I love this place. The beach, the sun, it's very attractive to me. I see myself as a fun person, always wanting to laugh. I like to share my life with my friends, living alone is not for me. I love music and I'm always active, you know, I don't like to be stationary. I want to be in motion forever. You will never see me walking around without headphones and if you do I'm sorry for your ears because i'm going to blast my music. Also I love playing football. football is life. My blood is footballs, literally. Also, I love watching movies, I love cinematography, especially foreign cinematography from France. I love French movies." - Bruno Caliegue, 2nd Year Engineering.


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