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Catering at CU Scarborough

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Over the past few weeks, CUSU have asked students for their feedback on the catering available at CU Scarborough. The issues were clear:

  1. Not enough variety
  2. Not good value for money

But it’s not all negative. Students have noticed a real positive change from last year.
A special mention also has to be given to Sue Heseltine and her team. Engaging and helpful, students are very thankful for the EXCELLENT service provided at all time.

This feedback was forwarded to Sodexo, the catering company and last week, CUSU Staff and student representatives met with Sodexo to see what their plans were to meet the students’ needs.

Receptive and eager to make catering on campus fit for purpose, our meeting was a positive one.

So what can you expect from catering on campus in the future?

Changes you should see quickly

  • A wider variety of options in the meal deal, taking the current 3 options of a sandwich, Walkers crisps and a drink up to 6 (heathier options such as yoghurts and fruit pots will be included).
  • Better branding of what is included in the meal deal.
  • Friday 9th November – A Costa Express machine will be installed.
  • Sodexo will be looking into offering an option of filter coffee.
  • A wider variety of sandwich options to cover all dietary needs.
  • The price of hot water will be cut considerably and will hopefully become free if students have their own cups etc.

Changes you should see in 2019

  • Introduction of a CU Group wide brand for hot drinks. This will offer a cheaper option for students. In taste tests this brand even performed better than Costa.
  • Reusable cups system put in place – get a discount on your hot drinks if you provide your own reusable flask. This system is currently in place in Coventry and Sodexo will explore volumes to see if this is feasible in Scarborough.
  • A second till to be installed to ease queues.
  • Introducing a recycling scheme where Costa Cups are recycled to a company who will make notebooks/coasters and other merchandise from them.
  • Drinks and snacks vending machine put on every floor. This will be on the 1st floor to start with and further floors depending upon demand.
  • Structural changes made to kitchen area to enable hot food to be served. Currently this is not possible without a purpose built kitchen. Designers are coming in next week to finalise version 3 of the café designs with plans to make the changes over the Christmas period. Coventry University are reviewing a more long-term plan to improve the catering facilities at Scarborough to accommodate future needs.
  • A wider variety of hot food available for students in the New Year.

In the meantime, if you have any dietary requirements, speak to Sue and the team and they will make sure to cater to your needs in the best way they can.

Keep your eyes peeled for these exciting changes in the future and keep making your voice heard. There will be regular meetings (once a block) for our students to be able to voice any concerns going forward. The Sodexo team are keen to speak to students and learn what you want. Want to be involved? Email Sophie at so she can keep you updated with dates and times.


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