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Nick Henderson - #ThisisCUSU

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"I'm a second year engineering student and also the Campus Officer for this academic year which is my second time as Campus Officer and my final time as well. What I like about CU Scarborough is the fact that it's got a really good sense of a community atmosphere on the campus, you get to know people from other courses very quickly, very well. And everybody's very friendly. As Campus Officer you get to meet a lot of people. You get thrown in to lots of different events and situations with people which is very adventurous. I run the engineering society and the foreign films society. I help to organise events and volunteer at awareness weeks. Outside of uni I have a part time job where I'm a marketing manager and obviously that keeps me very busy. I'm also a single parent which is a huge responsibility, very fulfilling too and I've got a very active social life which includes playing pool, surfing, cycling, all kinds of things." - Nick Henderson, 2nd Year Engineering.


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