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How to choose your Role! (Coventry University)

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So… I want to run in the CUSU Autumn Elections. What roles can I run for?

As a Coventry University or CU Group student we have different opportunities for you to run in the elections and lead the direction of Coventry University Students’ Union for the upcoming year! The diagram below shows the 2 different “sets” of elections taking place this autumn.

You can run for one role from any of the 2 different sets, or even run for 1 role from each set!

Not every student can run for every role though, some have specific requirements. For example, you must be a Postgraduate Research Student to run for Postgraduate Research Officer. Details on each of the roles and their requirements can be found at  or visit office 1.24 on the 1st floor of The Hub to chat to a current Sabbatical Officer.


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