Returning Officer Decisions Spring 2019

1st March 2019 - Elections Campaign Guidelines Clarification

On the 25th February 2019 the Deputy Returning Officers (DROs) were contacted with a concern around the Elections Campaign Guidelines explained in the candidates briefings. The concern was that it was unclear how students could be on multiple campaign teams yet not campaign for candidates at the same time as this would be unenforceable.

Guidance was sort from the Returning Officer and we have the following clarification:

The guidelines stay as published:

  • Slates are not allowed.
  • Students can be in more than one campaign team.
  • Candidates cannot share campaign materials

How this works in Practice:

  • The DROs will have no issue with a student on more than one campaign team handing out two or more sets of flyers, or talking about different candidates with potential voters.
  • Students must not wear t-shirts with multiple candidates on as this violates sharing campaign materials.
  • If candidates share multiple campaign team members there could be a legitimate complaint that this is a slate.

The last of these could cause confusion so we would urge candidates to avoid behavior that may lead to a complaint of a slate being formed. A slate is a group of candidates standing on a shared platform. We interpret this as a group of candidates or their campaign team members repeatedly and publicly declaring support for each other in an organised way including using shared campaign materials.