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How Elections Work

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How CUSU Elections Work


Coventry University Students Union is a student led organisation, this means we have students throughout our structures that make decisions that impact the entire direction of our work! These students’ roles are selected through a blend of appointment and election with the more “senior” positions being mainly elected.

In order to fill these roles CUSU runs 2 main election windows across a calendar year. These are held in Spring and Autumn. Spring Elections tend to be larger and we elect most of our roles then, including Sabbatical Officer and Campus/Faculty roles. Autumn Elections are the smaller of the two and we elect NUS Delegate positions alongside any unfilled positions from Spring.

The Elections themselves are run through the Students Union website, students can nominate themselves, submit manifestos and vote all using the website. This helps us keep our elections as paperless as possible and the results as reliable as possible also. Our nominations period is when students can put themselves forward for a position, students cannot nominate each other. Once their nomination has been submitted, each student has to submit a manifesto or some pledges that help them convey what they want to achieve if they are elected. All candidates will have to complete a candidate briefing, learning a bit more about the Union and about how they can campaign to get as many votes as possible. Certain roles will have to engage in variations of a hustings event or a “Question Time” to give students a chance to meet their candidates. Finally there will be a voting period, all voting will take place online. Check out our video guide to voting!

We also have a complaints deadline that is 1 week after results are announced for any and all complaints to be in by. This is reviewed by the Returning Officer team to best ascertain the details of the complaint and investigate accordingly.

If you have any questions about elections that have not been covered by the above article then you can check out the other articles on the website. Or you can email



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