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International Day of Action against Contract Cheating - Poster Competition

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We know students regularly receive offers from companies to complete assessments for them and sometimes these companies make a pretty convincing case that they are a legitimate service provided and endorsed by the University.  Their marketing comes in various forms, including email, social media, leaflets, cards and personal approaches on campus.  We are very keen to alert students to these threats and warn them not to be taken in by these companies.

When a student gets someone else to complete their assessment for them is known as contract cheating.  If you are found to have used or provided any contract cheating service you will be expelled from the University.  Even if your misconduct is not discovered at the time, you remain at risk of being blackmailed by the contract cheating service you used for the rest of your life.

Contract cheating is a global problem that undermines learning, which is why we at Coventry University are keen to alert students about the dangers.

The fourth International Day of Action against Contact Cheating (IDoA) organised by the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI) is on 16th October 2019. Coventry University has taken part in the IDoA every year since it started in 2016.  There will be activities across the University Group on that day.

As part of the IDoA the ICAI is running a poster competition for students, with cash prizes.  The deadline for entries is 11th October 2019.

Poster competition rules:

Theme: Integrity starts with you - Link to poster competition entry form:


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