How to Survive a Festival in the Rain

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The Biggest Weekend in Coventry is upon us and with acts such as Snow Patrol, Billy Ocean, The Selector and more performing, you would be bonkers to miss it!

Now as we all know, british weather can be highly unpredictable. With storm forecast this weekend, we suggest you follow our tops tips on how to survive Coventry's ‘Biggest Weekend’ festival at the War Memorial Park .


1. Layer up.

Now you're probably thinking “but it’s May”, and rightly so, as the sun is currently shining brightly in the sky. However as we all know the weather can be unpredictable (especially this weekend). So make sure to layer your clothing so you can add or remove a layer as the day turns to evening and it gets a little cooler.


2. Arrive in good time

No one likes to be late to a major event or when they are seeing their favourite bands perform. So make sure you arrive in time so that you will be able to get into the venue as early as possibly. Also be prepared for queuing as it’s not called Coventry’s biggest weekend for no reason.


3. Make travel preparations before hand

If you are a local you can skip this point, but if you are traveling from other areas then make sure you keep up to date with travel warnings etc. We recommend checking train times as often as possible and leaving enough room for possible changes/interruptions. Parking around the War Memorial Park when there are big events can also be difficult so leave the car behind and opt for the bus instead.


4. Re-check your ticket

This may sound a little obvious but be sure to keep your ticket on hand with you, whether it's electronically or a paper version. Afterall, you wouldn’t want the mud to swallow your ticket whole. Our tip is keeping your ticket either in your coat pocket (zip) or in your phone case. Just make sure you know where you have placed it beforehand to avoid frantic searching.


5. Stay in a group

As War memorial park is a big venue, its best to stay in a group. Better yet, why not hold meeting points at certain hours depending on where you will all be so you know when to meet up etc. This will also make your time at the festival even more enjoyable, as you will avoid parting from your group accidently and stumbling upon the infamous mosh pit (as festivals).


6. Keep your phone fully charged and have an emergency battery pack with you.

Okay so technology and water do not mix, but keeping a battery pack in your backpack can prove useful and essential. Just think would you rather keep your phone charged and take loads of photos and cement a lot of new memories, or take load of pictures just when your phone decides to die (and Snow Patrol comes on/another act that you have been following).


7. Carry a waterproof jacket.

A definite essential! Carrying a waterproof jacket will help you through the rain and make sure that you don’t get too wet if the predicted storm hits. If you have a bright coloured one it is even better as you will be able to stand out amongst the crowd (think of all the cool photos with your brightly coloured waterproof jacket- and yes stylish ones do exist).


8. Checklist your (THE) essentials

Get your wellingtons at the ready and some baby wipes (to clean mud off etc.). Why not also keep a windbreaker with you so that you are fully prepared for the weekend ahead. Other essentails include sunglasses, suncream,hand sanitiser and a bunch of tissues. Just remember to keep your personal belonging with you at all times alongside your essentials.

In conclusion, stay dry and stay prepared!

But mostly importantly live it up!

Festivals can be a great way to meet new people and to celebrate, so have a blast.

Don’t let the gloomy rain spoil your fun as the line up this year will certainly brighten the weekend itself.

Be sure to take loads of photos, creating new memories to cherish and to keep forever. 


Let your ‘Biggest Weekend’ commence at Coventry's Biggest weekend festival happening now.


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