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Review: Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

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Charlotte Croft takes to the Belgrade Theatre's stage in Coventry as Robyn in this delightful reimagining of the classic fairytale, Red Riding Hood, and you'll soon find it's quite different to the story you were once told.

It's the Wolf, not Red, who has strayed from the path in this retelling, and you'll want to be a little more wary of Grandma's rolling pin than the Wolf's big ears, eyes or teeth!

Charlotte narrates and animates every character in the show alone, but she does so exquisitely.  Through accents and subtle body movements she cleverly brings each character to life. From the moment Wolf scratches his head and turns to speak to the audience he is transformed from a limp, stuffed toy into a friend you are rooting for and Red Riding Hood... well... the less said about her the better!

The imaginative use of props sees Robyn's bedroom transform throughout the show into both a wood and Grandma's cottage, with tennis rackets and pillows used for trees and, the highlight of the show for me, a drawstring bag that ingeniously becomes Red's rather rude, but extremely funny mother.

The whole story is told in a lilting Dr. Seuss style rhyme with a cheeky edge, as daring as Dahl's, that's sure to capture the hearts of children and parents alike.




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