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The Skids/Empire Coventry

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The Skids is a scottish punk rock band, which has been formed in 1977. In 2016 the band has celebrated their 40th anniversary, touring the whole of uk, celebrating their long music career with the fans. The band so far released 5 albums, who have gained a lot of success (" Scared to Dance"[1979], "Days in Europa" [1979], "Strength Through Joy" [1980], "The Absolute Game" [1980], "Joy" [1981].  37 years later on January 12th 2018, they have released a new album called "Burning Cities", as to celberate the reunion and return "The Skids " are touring the country with their new songs and the old "hits". 

The "Burning Cities" album reached 28th place on the charts, really showing how the fans have supported them since the very beginning to this day. Bruce Watson, Jamie Watson, Mike Baillie, William Simpson, Brian Jobson, Jane Button and Richard Jobson in 2007 had a few reunion performances to remember and commemorate Stuart Adamson, who had died in 2001, and celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band.

It is unknown if there will be more shows, however in 2019, The Skids are coming to COVENTRY EMPIRE. Live music venue is selling tickets for the show, so every fan living or visitig Coventry would be able to enjoy and see them performing live. This is one of the shows that  nobody would want to miss out, regardless if you're a fan or not. 

Tickets are sold Empire Coventry website. 

This is an event to attend!


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