The Upsiders Album Launch at The Tin

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With the release of their new album, “Songs from All Corners of the Universe”, The Upsiders hosted a wonderful occasion at The Tin Music and Arts venue. With a lovely folk feel to both their music and the event, it was a pleasure to be a part of new upcoming talent.

The Tin, found next to the docks of the Coventry canal, gives a real homely feel and provides a really welcoming atmosphere. In fact, it reminded me of the Cavern Club in Liverpool.

The evening's opening act was the wonderfully talented, Ellie Gowers.

The absolute control and delicacy of her performance was amazing to watch. Ellie started off with an acapella and this highlighted the real power of her voice. Much of the performance gave a window into her life and experience and my favourite song of the night would have to be “Eve”, where she talks of a new life in a new city.

Ellie really engaged with the audience and even had them singing along with her before she exited the stage. I enjoyed the simplicity of her performance, it didn't need anything more, just great vocals and guitar, and would recommend you see her perform live if you get the chance.

Then as The Upsiders took to the stage we saw a change in tone for the atmosphere of the night.

You could really feel the energy that The Upsiders put forward and I suppose this is to live up to their name. Even when they slowed things down, and had an inclusion of Ellie Gowers in one of their later songs, it really captivated the good mood they created within the environment. A lot of this is down to the genuine chemistry you can see among the performers.

But the big surprise for me was the comedy within their performance. This offered a well-balanced viewing of both music and entertainment.

With the inclusion of multiple members and several instruments, The Upsiders offered a different experience to anything that I’ve seen before. Some would define it as folk but I would almost say that they offer a spin on folk, pop and jazz. Even with the odd rap thrown in, it was great to watch the obvious talent on show.

My favourite song in the duration of the night would have to be “Love Drug”. This is largely down to the crowd participation, as well as the range of music included in this one single.

Overall I felt that it was a great night out and would highly recommend anyone to either visit The Tin or to check out The Upsiders.

The down-to-earth style of the band creates a real relationship between themselves and the audience. They offer something really different and the personalities of the band and how they work together really make the performance. The songs from their new album were packed full of energy and played well alongside a few singalong covers, including an old favourite from Jungle Book, which rounded the night off perfectly, highly entertaining!


Photography by Livy Dukes


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