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Festival of Running Update

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With just under two months to go until the Coventry Festival of Running on 1st November we are aware that many of you will be deep in preparation for the day but concerned about whether it will go ahead given recent, albeit much larger, event cancellations. We would, therefore, like to outline the current position and provide a timeline for a future update so that you can continue your preparations with as much confidence as possible in these unprecedented times. 

As things currently stand the event will be proceeding on 1st November. We have reviewed every element of the operation, reduced the event capacity by 30%  and have been working hard to develop plans that meet or exceed both government and UK Athletics guidance and with the safety of everyone involved in or impacted by the event at the heart.

Our plans are open to scrutiny by key stakeholders including the Council, Public Health and the emergency services through regular Safety Advisory Group meetings. The plans to continue to evolve but will be finalised in the next few weeks and it is, therefore, our aim update runners with how the event will be delivered safely no later than week commencing 28th September to give you time to adjust, plan and make final preparations.

Coventry has given birth to the motor car, the spitfire, the bicycle and the jet engine. These things have propelled the world to be a better and more advanced place. As a city with a huge reputation for innovation and creativity, we are committed to showing similar dynamism in bringing you a fantastic event that puts wellbeing and community spirit at its core and raises thousands of much needed £s for local and national charities. 

We look forward to seeing you on the start-line on 1st November. 


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