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Training Tips from Former Marathon Olympian Dave Long

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Training during the Lockdown

· You are allowed one period of outdoor exercise per day during the Lockdown – take full advantage!

· Use the extra time you have to warm-up properly at home before heading out

· This can involve stretching, or cardio vascular warm-ups such as star jumps. Set a level and increase gradually – 3 sets of 10 with 90’ in-between is a good start

· Use the stairs as a warm-up too. Can you climb them while holding your breath?!

· Going out a little later also gives you something to look forward to rather than to have finished by 08:00 with the rest of the day ahead

· Plan your route to avoid relatively busy areas such as parks and shopping centres

· Use the extra time to warm-down with gentle stretches

· If you’ve an exercise bike in the house use that to either split up running days (Monday, run – Tuesday, bike etc.) OR

Complete a second period of exercise OR ride it as part of your Warm Up or Warm Down

· If you don’t use on already start a training diary. Use it to log your mood about your run as well as time, course and Distance

· Keep in touch with running friends, clubs or groups via social media.

· As the summer (hopefully) warms up dress appropriately. It’s better to leave the house feeing an initial chill as you will warm up pretty soon

· As summer approaches ensure you’re well hydrated

· In very sunny days and you’re running in the afternoon stick to the shady side of the street if you can

· When it’s particularly warm, run your vest or T-shirt under the cold tap just before putting it on to run

· If you find your shoes starting to wear bear in mind that “Coventry Runner” have introduced a no postage fee initiative and are actually doing a doorstep delivery service for shoes and kit going to Coventry addresses!

· Coventry’s Festival of Running has 5 partner charities (UHCW, SWFT, Myton Hospice, Penny Appeal and Zoe’s Place). All have extra reasons for needing support at the moment and being sponsored for a good cause will give you an extra incentive to take part and keep training

· Enjoy it!!

Listen to Dave's full Q+A about training here


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