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Kasbah's Big Reveal

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Kasbah, Kasbah, oh our beloved Kasbah. Once known as Colly we can all appreciate the ever growing changes blessed upon us. If you haven't heard already, Kasbah saw one of their biggest over hauls this summer, re-vamping all of their dance rooms one way or another and I think it's safe to say...we aren't disappointed. 

So...what can you expect upon entering the brand new Kasbah? 

Well...starting from the bottom (now we're here) we enter the main room which is where the best dance music of our time is played we can look up to see LED bars set up on the balcony edges and across the ceiling. Normally when special performances, events or just a banging tune is on you can be first to witness some awesome light patterns filling the room.

Coming out of the main room we head over to the rock room. It's pretty self explanatory what kind of music is played in here, but just for the's, what's changed in our headbanging side room. Nothing hits you straight away, until you look up to the ceiling to see a completely covered space filled with giant sequins hanging over us. When I say giant, I mean GIANT!

Moving through the rock room into the outside area we can see the tiki, beachy, garden-like overhaul. Not only have we had a refresh, but our favourite burger grill has moved over to the paved area, don't worry, you can still get your meat hit at 3:00am.

As we make our way back through and up the stairs to the what I would now describe as the 'lit' room, I'd say it's quite clear what has been done to this room. Simply look down and you'll see that the entire floor is now a giant light...there's no hiding in the dark anymore people!

If you haven't checked out Kasbah's new re-design I would DEFINITELY head over there ASAP, 100% worth the wait. 


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