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The Ultimate Bar Crawl

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Welcome to your ultimate Coventry bar crawl guide...feel free to take notes!

We'll start from the rainbow bridge and work our way through to the town centre...hold tight. 

The Quids Inn

Located on Gosford Street The Quids Inn offers a wallet rich that I mean you will get rich if you go here because their prices are so resonable! Ideal for a few mixers and even if you've not had enough time after work to eat you can order some stomach lining food that will satisfy your bank account and your belly! With friendly service and a bouncing atmosphere The Quids Inn is definitely one to add to the ultimate list.

The Oak

The Oak is located a few metres up from Quids and you can't miss it to be honest. Painted in a vibrant green The Oak is the stop off to get a few cheeky pints, have a bit of karaoke and get the mood flowing. With an outside benched area you can chill with your mates before the big guns hit. 

The Phoenix

Located a little further up that Quids, but still on Gosford Street we have our beloved Phoenix. Home to Wing Wednesday, Pancake Tuesday and Quiz night Sunday, The Phoenix offers a HUUUGE range of drinks on the menu from multiple Absolut Vodka flavours to your standard Strongbow Dark (yum). With their range of events going on throughout the week, you can pretty much pick any night and make the entertainment part of your ultimate journey.

The Castle Grounds

Castle Castle Castle...located on Little Park Street we have our updated Castle Grounds where all your favourite sports games are played on their various big screens. If your team is playing, plan the Castle to be the stop for you and your mates to watch with a few drinks, even a few footie drinkng games! (could be lethal). What goes better with a beer than chicken wings too? Lucky for you, you can order 100 wings for only £30! I dare you...challenge accepted?

The Earl of Mercia

Oh Spoons how we love you. If you wouldn't count The Earl as a class stop off on your ultimate bar crawl then I'm afraid it just will not be complete. With some amazing deals on their beverages and value for money menu, there's no excuse not to go to Coventry's Earl. To make it even better for you, simply download the Weatherspoons app where you can order your drinks to your table. YOU DON'T EVEN NEED TO GET UP! I don't know about you, but I'm sold.

Catch 22

This is one for you as the night goes on. You're now buzzing, full of energy and ready to get your feet moving after sitting down with all those pints earlier. Catch 22, located on Hertford Street in Coventry town centre is destined to bring a bit of swag to your evening. Liven up your utimate bar crawl in Coventry's night life hot spot of 2018 and enjoy a few cocktails with your squad.

The Yard

Located in Bull Yard Coventry town centre we have the newest bar/night club to hit the scene...the Yard. With a hidden night club upstairs you can finally enjoy a few drinks to some absolute bangers downstairs at the bar and when you've downed those you can head up to dance the rest of the night away...don't worry you won't have to go all the way back down to get another drink, there's a bar upstairs too! Helpful Hint: their pink gin and lemonade's are to die for!

SOOOO...if you're not on the floor by the end of this, you might need to back track and find some other hidden gems. If you find any other stop offs along your journey then your night will only get better. You're Welcome


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The Ultimate Bar Crawl

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