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Staff vs Students Football Match Kicks Off!

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Our players lining up for a sporting team photo!

CU London Staff & Students assembled for a full-on football match for charity on Tuesday 16th April! Both teams bringing their best and brightest players to face off for glory!

The match took place over at the Robert Clack Leisure Centre, just across the road from CU London, and kick-off took place at approximately 6:30pm. Both teams called in substitutions and put in their absolute best!

The pitch spread out.

An injured staff player receiving physiotherapy.

In the end, the staff were victorious, scoring a 10-8 match victory! Better luck next time students! All players donated a small participation fee of at least £2 to take part, with more donations coming in from the audience. Overall, we raised a total of £92 which will be donated to Teenage Cancer Trust!

We would like to make staff v students sports matches a more regular occurrence, taking part in multiple sports that everyone can enjoy! If you are interested in taking part or would like to suggest a sport to play, please let us know by emailing!


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