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CUSU Sabbs meeting with Philip Augar - Post 18 Education and Funding Review

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In July the Sabbatical Officer team met with Philip Augar the Chair of the Post-18 Education and Funding Review. This review was launched by Theresa May in February 2018 and will change the way in which future generations will make decisions about the vocational and educational routes they take after the age of 18, as well as how funding options will work. CUSU responded to the written consultation that took place earlier in the year in conjunction with the University and on the 19th July had the opportunity to meet with Mr Augar to relay your opinions to him and some of the review team directly.


The Sabbatical Officers discussed the experience of Coventry University students from disadvantaged backgrounds that currently do not have adequate support from the Government to access and succeed in Higher Education. As well as the heavy burden of debt on all graduates who leave University and the stress this can cause during study and post-graduation.

Here’s what President – Tochukwu Ajare had to say;

“The Post-18 Consultation meeting with Philip Augar was seen to be a great opportunity for CUSU and the Sabbatical Team to represent students and make sure that our stance is crystal clear in the consultation. We asked a series of questions including, why is there no student representation on the Consultation Committee? What will the government be doing to support students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds instead of putting them in debt etc.

We feel the responses were not satisfactorily answered. As such, we are not convinced that the consultation was not just a way ticking boxes rather than an avenue to get genuine feedback from students that would guide their actions and decisions during the review.”



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