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Meet your Activities Rep for the School of Strategy and Leadership

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Hey all! My names Fadhila and I’m one of your Activities Representatives for the school of Strategy and Leadership. This role includes supporting the sports and wellbeing, volunteering, sustainability and community engagement and supporting societies. With your help, this role could help improve all aspects of the unis social aspect. So here’s a little summary of the things I can do for you and who I am. 

An activities rep solely represents well…you. I take your feedback on what can be done within our societies, volunteering opportunities, student media- such as the universities radio station (yeah, I know I didn’t know we had one neither)- and local community projects. I inform as many of you guys on projects that you can get involved in because our university experience is only as good as we make of it. Covid has messed us up, however it's up to us to take control of our future and get as many experiences as we possibly can. My role is to ensure our voice is echoed to the faculty and to ensure that the social side of university is valued just as much as the academic.

So, who am I? Besides suffering a minor identity crisis and switching degrees half way through the year; I am your average gen z, Tik Tok loving, adventure seeking, wishing the world can stop being so oppressive 18-year-old. No, I will not suggest to the faculty we should start a Coventry Tik Tok account but I will ensure sport events are broadcasted, community projects are launched so we can make differences to people’s lives, societies are represented and gain a bigger platform and volunteering activities are shown to those who want it. I myself am a huge advocate for volunteering- especially campaign groups such as Oxfam who look into the Yemen crisis and the current immigration crisis ongoing right now within the UK in regards to home office and I’m a lover of art and sustainability. And with all that, I’m helping build a new society for Oxfam focused on the current Yemen crisis, I’m part of the art society who had an entire evening dedicated to Bob Ross and I’m a Sustainability Champion. You can do all the things you love at Coventry university. You just need a little push into the right directions to find them, or heck even make the opportunity yourself.

So, say goodbye to countless, excessive emails and stressful websites searches with thousands of links. If you have any questions, feedback or just want some direction on what you can get involved with, don’t be afraid to send me a message. I’d love to help.





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