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I Love My Staff 2020

"...I believe of all the awards I have had in my life, this matters the most.”

Coventry University Students’ Union bring to you the 'I Love My Staff' campaign. This was an initiative funded by Coventry University which gave students the chance to nominate any university staff member who has made a positive impact on their student experience. This campaign was spread across the Coventry and London campus and overall we received 300 nominations submitted by students. We were pleasantly suprised with the amount of nominations we received, some of which were very heartfelt showing that staff had really gone above and beyond in their support to students. This campaign was a follow on from the 'I Love My Course' campaign which was a competition where students could apply to enter various categories to showcase what they love about their course in the hopes of winning multiple prizes of up to £1,000. (Read more)

All the staff who received a nomination will be gifted once the lockdown is over and we are back to working on campus. 

Below is the list of staff who were nominated (please note this list will be updated regularly to add the other nominated staff when they have granted us permission to release their names):

Adam Layland

Gillian Wallace

Nikolaos Fytas

Ailsa McWilliam

Ginny Tyler

Nitish Gaur

Alexandre Metreveli

Gordon McJannett

Nushra Mansuri

Alun Owen

Hala Evans

Omar Salih

Alyson Morris

Ian Wilson

Pablo Domene

Ambi Ambituuni

Inderjit Chander

Paul Cartlidge

Annette Roebuck

Isabella Nyambayo

Payam Nathani

Aris Terzopoulos

Jackie Shanley

Phil Perry

Arpad Kulik

Jamie Beddow

Phillip Gould

Babita Parshad

Jane Irani

Rafik Omar

Bärbel Goebel Stolz

Jason Tallis

Raj Simak

Bernadette Norman

Jaswinder Kaur

Reza Ali

Bianca Wright

Jennifer Mc Nally

Richard Mills

Caroline Molloy

Jessica Northey

Rob Hamp

Caroline Molloy

Jo Mason

Robert Pee

Catherine Morgan

Jonathan Harris

Robert Pee

Charlotte Butler

Judith Kabajulizi

Sam Lawton

Charlotte Collins

Kate Harvey

Sarah Serjeant

Claire Harrison

Ken Fero

Sarah Turner

Claire Munialo

Kubra Choudhry

Shaheer Zubairi

Clare Bumford

Lesley McBride

Shane Robson

Colin Thorneycroft

Lien Luu

Shara Edgar

Cyrus Fardaghaie

Lisa Winnall

Sharon Williams

Daljit Kaur

Louise Farmer

Shelley Stinton

Daniel Flood

Luke Tibbits

Simon Mellalieu

Daniel Goldsmith

Mark Holmes

Simon Stenhouse

Daniel Johnson

Mary-Jane Hawkes

Stella-Maris Orim

David Hopkins

Marzana Mehdi

Sue Cresswell

David Waugh

Matt Johnston

Svetoslav Nenov

Dean Newman

Matthew Bennett

Tammy Mudd

Deanne Dunstan

Matthew Robertson

Terry Richards

Donna-Lynn Shepherd

Maureen O'Hara

Thierry Platini

Dove McColm

Megan Crawford

Tim Turner

Elizabete Cardoso

Michael Richards

Timothy Downing

Elizabeth Benjamin

Michelle Clare

Tracey Holker

Emily Jobling

Michelle Stanley

Ushma Mulji

Emma Herron

Mina Thompson

Venkat Venkatramani

Federico Topolansky

Morgan Gore

Victoria Nolan

Felix Roesch

Neil Clarke

Vittorio Senso

Francis Lowe

Nigel Walton

Yizhi Xu

Gerard Greene

Nik Tsanov

Dan Hopkins


Below are some thoughts from staff who were nominated:

“Wow...This award brought tears to my eyes because for me, my job is my life passion and delivering superior learning experience to my students is my number 1 priority. So to see that the immediate beneficiaries of my work acknowledge and appreciate my effort is simply amazing. I believe of all the awards I have had in my life, this matters the most."

Ambi Ambituuni (nominated staff)

“This nomination brightened an otherwise dull day in the lockdown. I'm grateful that a student took the time to nominate me. The whole Criminology team put a lot of effort into creating a great student experience. “

- Tim Turner (nominated staff)

“At this complicated time in our lives this nomination reminds me of why I love my job developing the next generation of healthcare professionals, specifically physiotherapists. This nomination made me feel valued and is a confirmation that I'm doing something right! Thank you so much.”

- Lesley McBride (nominated staff)

Below are some nominations submitted by students:

Dr Elizabeth Benjamin (nominated staff)

“Always goes above and beyond for her students, nothing is ever too much trouble despite how much work she has to do throughout the week.”

- Jordan McGuinness (nominating student)

Babita Parshad (nominated staff)

“She is like a book full of knowledge about the study abroad/work experience and internships queries! She was more than helpful for me when choosing my placement year and create my plan for the next year! I’m very grateful for her effort, because every single semester she is making sure that every student Which is abroad is feeling safe and well in foreign country and feeling still a part of Coventry University and is the good representative of our uni!”

- Kinga Ambrozkiewicz (nominating student)

The Awards Ceremony

The nominees were shortlisted to a top 20 by a student panel and those staff were invited to receive an award at the ‘I Love My Staff Awards’ ceremony which took place on 13th March 2020 in Square One. The students who wrote the winning nomination were also invited and given the opportunity to present the staff member with the award. The winning staff received a certificate, an ‘I Love My Staff’ flask and an ‘I Love My Staff Winner’ badge.

The evening was brilliantly hosted by Aderonke Ajibade who is the Vice President for Education 2019-2020. She had this to say about the event:

“It was a really special evening and two things that stood out for me from the whole campaign was passion and love. It was clear the students were passionate and loved what they were studying and the tutors in return were passionate about impacting knowledge in the best way possible and the evening was a perfect moment to celebrate the love and passion for teaching and impacting knowledge. Everyone in the audience was moved by the stories shared by each student and the tutors. It was evident that going an extra mile for a student is truly rewarding and can make a huge difference in their life. I am glad we dedicated an evening to celebrate such love, passion and dedication and to the other nominees, getting nominated just shows you are doing something right and you can keep up the good job. Your students love you and CUSU celebrates you”.

Upon arrival the guests were welcomed by the CUSU Student Voice Ambassadors and the entertainment for the evening was provided by a very talented acoustic singer Mark Castles who is also a student of Coventry University. He played his guitar while singing uplifting popular songs which really created a pleasant atmosphere for all the guests.

All the winners and students were invited to bring someone of their choice along and where possible we also invited the line manager of the winning staff member to the awards ceremony along to join us in celebrating. The evening was full of joy, and at some points, emotion by staff who were touched by the kind words said by the nominating students.

9 out of the 20 top nominated staff are listed below (this list will be updated once we have permission to release all the names of the top 20 staff)

Will Blewitt

Kayleigh Lampard

Lorena Caires Moreira

David McCarthy

Ian Evans

Mubeena Nowrung

Helen Jones

Anna Michalska

Heather Sears


All the guests seemed to really enjoy themselves and some have kindly sent us some quotes about their thoughts of the event for us to share below:

“It means a great deal to me to be nominated for an award from a student. Thank you for the opportunity CUSU! I look forward to continuing to support our amazing students.”

-           Kayleigh Lampard (top 20 nominee)

I really wasn't expecting to be selected for the "I Love My Staff" Awards so to end up at the awards evening as one of the final twenty staff with such prestigious colleagues blew me away. Thanks to the CUSU for doing the awards and thanks to the students who nominated me.”

-          Ian Evans (top 20 nominee)


“I feel privileged and honoured to receive an award from my students. It was one of the most amazing and emotional evenings of my life.”

-          Anna Michalska (top 20 nominee)

“It’s was an amazing evening. Great see the students union recognising the academic staff for their effort and giving students the best experience. Academic staff enjoyed it too and were delighted to be receiving the awards from their own students. Would like to have this awards evening every year to recognise the staff members also, include the students union staff as they put in so much effort in making sure this sort of evenings run smoothly and they give students different experience from the academic staff so it would be great to see them being recognised too.”

-          Arsh Shaikh (nominating student)


“It was a very emotional evening full of laughs and happy tears. It was amazing to be able to recognise my lecturer for everything she does.”

-          Lauren Woods (nominating student)




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I Love My Staff 2020

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