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CUIS Market Review: 1st Edition

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CUIS Presents our Market Review Group

After some technical difficulties we are finally able to publish the 1st edition of our Market Review Group!

The article was written by:
Cosmin-Alin Botoroga - US Equities 
Emilian-Gabriel Chirita - Western Europe Equities
Tobi Fanimokun - US Fixed Income
Juaquin Hong - Macroeconomics
Samuel Addison - M&A: Healthcare 
Sebastian Rhenald - M&A: Industrials
Jake Smith - M&A: Natural Resources
Tony Teegan - M&A: Technology, Media, and Telecommunications 

We will be publishing it periodically on a 2 week basis. However, the next edition might come out earlier than that so please watch this space for more.

Thank you for being patient with us and we hope that you enjoy our research.


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