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Investment Society - Graeme Carling and Final Social of the Year

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The Investment Society encourages you to attend our session on Monday, as we have possibly our finest guest speaker yet, appearing via Skype.


Graeme Carling is Scotland's largest private landlord. His company owns over 350 individual properties in Scotland, and he is the CEO of McGill Building Services which is one of Scotland's largest building companies. Graeme has a fascinating story to tell. From leaving school at 16 to become a joiner, to becoming a multi-millionaire. Graeme has NEVER spoken to a University outside of Scotland before, and does not give many interviews. Graeme is a massive fan of Robert Kiyosaki (as are we), and travels to America every year to visit him.



We seriously encourage you to take a break from studying for just 1 hour this Monday to invest in yourself and hear some words of wisdom on business, property and success from Graeme Carling. We do hope to see you this Monday 2nd December from 6pm in WM128  After Graeme has spoken, Ashley (our president) will be doing a short presentation about his property journey, from obtaining his first house to what investment he is making next.


Next week we will be sharing details of our final social of the year on Friday 6th December. It will be a (hopefully) relaxing board game night, playing Robert Kiyosaki's CashFlow game, with prizes for the winning team.



Thanks, and regards, 

Coventry University Investment Society Committee


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