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Investment Society - Jurga Zilinskiene, Mebane Faber, CUSU Awards

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We do hope you will join us tonight from 6pm-8pm in WM128 to hear from our varied group of fantastic guest speakers:

First, we have third year Financial Economics student Spencer Morris. Spencer has spent a total of 13 months in Switzerland working for Pictet Asset Management. If you want to know what it takes to get in to those high-level financial institutions then come and hear what Spencer has to say.

Next, we have Bilal Gol who is a former Google intern and the Investment Society's Publicity Officer. Bilal is going to be sharing details of how he landed a role at Google, and the business he is starting now using that experience.

Then, we will be joined by Coventry University graduate and former Investment Society member Awet Ghirmay, who is currently an Equity Research Analyst at Minerva Money Management in Milton Keynes. If you are thinking about a career in equity research or similar, come and hear what it's really like and the skills you need to land a role!

Finally, we will be joined by Jurga Zilinskiene MBE, the founder of the international translation company Guildhawk. Come and hear Jurga's story - from Lithuanian immigrant to successful businesswoman. You can find out more about Jurga here:



On Wednesday at 6pm we will be joined via Zoom by the well-known American investor, author of two books on investing and frequent conributor to CNBC and Bloomberg - Mebane Faber. Come and learn from a true master investor how to profit from the market!



The Investment Society is putting ourselves forward for Society Achievement Of The Year at the 2020 CUSU awards. If you came to the Conference and you got some value from it, do take 5 minutes to nominate us via this link:


Thanks, and regards, 

Coventry University Investment Society Committee




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