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Investment Society - WIB, Elections, Socials, and Film Night!

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What happened this week

Beginners Class: we had elections, we talked about the investment language and we had some activities!

Advanced Class: we had a special quiz to prepare our students for the Investment Banking simulation that will take place this Saturday (19/10)



Women in Business Conference

Tickets are now LIVE for our excellent WIB conference next month! Tickets are FREE for members! Tickets can be found here on the right-hand side of the page:




Voting is now open for the positions of Philanthropic Officer and Publicity Officer. Please vote by clicking on the "Committee" tab at:


Business School Hide and Seek

After this Monday's session your mission if you choose to accept it is to find our Committee! They will be hidden around the Business School and you will have 1 hour to find them. The winning team will enjoy the spoils of £30 worth of prizes including a brand new book and an Amazon voucher.


Film night 

TUESDAY (22/10) in WM128 at 6pm we will be showing The Wolf of Wall Street. Please bring your friends and coursemates, the more the merrier!




You can join us for only five pounds at


Thanks, and regards, 

Coventry University Investment Society Committee



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