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Investment Society - George Kinder, Winter Ball, Brian Harper CFA

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You may have heard that we recently hit 200 members (now 213), thank you for your support of the Society, you are all the reason we love what we do!


This is you and your friends' LAST CHANCE to sign up for the Paris trip waiting list, you can do so here:


Please join the Paris Trip Facebook group if you are going:


If you are interested in boosting your CV/LinkedIn by taking part in a Business School promotional video, please fill in this form:


Don't forget to follow the Society social media accounts for up to date information. LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram:


Time is running out to buy a ticket for the Winter Ball with the Law Society. You can get one here:


Tomorrow (Tuesday)! We are hosting Brian Harper CFA, founder of Harper Asset Management LLC in Boulder, Colorado (yes, America). He is going to be talking about his and his firms investment strategies. You will also have the opportunity to ask Brian any question you like about investing or business. See you in WM128 at 6pm.


Thanks, and regards, 

Coventry University Investment Society Committee



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