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The Gosford Street Journal - Elections, Councillor George Duggins, David Glick

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Tonight from 6-7:30pm in WM128 I will giving my final presentation as President of Coventry University Investment Society. It will be a special presentation, as I will be sharing everything I have learnt about life and investing. Nothing is off limits! I hope to see you there.


Tonight we will also be voting for the Society's committee for next year, come and decide your leadership team for next year! You can vote here by clicking on the "committee" tab after logging in.


Tuesday from 6pm in WM129 we are welcoming the Leader of Coventry City Council George Duggins, in collaboration with the Politics Society. Cllr Duggins essentially is responsible for the running of the city of Coventry. We can definitely learn leadership lessons from him! Cllr Duggins will be talking about his career inside and outside politics and the lessons he has learnt, and discussing current political affairs.



On Wednesday from 6pm in WM129 we are delighted to be welcoming angel investor/entrepreneur/lawyer/venture capitalist David Glick. David is an Alumni of Coventry University and has had a long and highly successful career in a variety of industries, from being an executive at a media company acquired by DreamWorks, to being the head of a division of one of the largest law firms in the U.K.



We still have one place available to go on the FREE trip to the National Landlord Investment Show next Thursday. All you have to do is pay a £15 deposit here then gets refunded to you after the trip. To find out more about the event click here


Book of the week: Because this is a special week I am sharing a special book. 'What Makes the Great Great' by Dennis Kimbro Ph.D. If I had to pick one book that changed my life it would be this. Dr Kimbro in just over 300 pages discusses how the greatest people in history became the best they could be. You will notice there are several things they have in common, for example the refusal to be defeated! There are a few available on Amazon right now for £6 which is a very good price.


Video of the week: This week's video of the week is a channel of the week instead! FightMediocrity is a great resource for those keen on self-development. If you watch the first 50 videos (start oldest videos first) then you will be well on your way to becoming a high performance person. These videos have always been a great inspiration to me. If I had to chose one video then it would be this:


I look forward to seeing you soon.


All the best,




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