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Why you should join the archery club

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Reason 1: Social

Archery is a good way to meet new people and make friends. Even if you are not particularly chatty, you can focus on your archery while being in the company of other people. 

Our club is made up of lots of archers of varying levels of experience and you will be starting your archery journey with other people who have never tried it before so you do not have to be an Olympic level archer in your first session!

Reason 2: Fitness

Archery is not a very intensive sport, but it does have health and fitness benefits, especially if you are starting from a point of exercise-novice. Archery will work your core muscles, you will build your upper body strength, and you will contribute to your 10,000 steps a day without even noticing.

Reason 3: Fun

First of all, you get to pretend to be Robin Hood/Katniss Everdeen/[insert archer here]. Second of all, we have some games with points to be won (and what do points mean?....)

Reason 4: Wellbeing

Clearing your mind when you begin shooting can train your brain to cope with stress and anxiety (and who doesn't have stress and anxiety at uni?) Meeting up with humans every now and then can do wonders for your emotional wellbeing too.

Reason 5: New skills!

You will be coached through the beginners course to gain the new skill of archery, which gains you ultimate bragging rights if you can say "I can hit an object the size of a CD from 70 metres away.

Reason 6: Olympics

If you are super good and super dedicated to archery, you may one day end up at the Olympics (just look at Tom Hall, he started archery when he went to university, and is going to the Tokyo Olympics next year)


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