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Welcome Members of the CU Aviation Society!

We are a group of students with a keen interest in flying, aircraft and aviation!

We are excited to welcome you not only into our society, but to Coventry University as well!

Congrats! You made it; you are students now!

This year we are committed to organise and bring to you, events and activities that will comply with government’s guidelines, because your safety and welfare are our top priorities. Some of our ideas for the upcoming year include weekly online quizzes with prizes, podcasts, flight simulator sessions, as well as course related support. In addition, this year one of our objectives is to work in collaboration with both, the Paint Ball Society, and the Games Society where we host a joint event. 

Tomorrow, we will post again here, a brief description of our committee members under “The Committee” tab on this page. By doing so we want new members as well as our “OG” members to familiarise themselves with this year’s Aviation Society Committee. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding our society or if you want to introduce yourself and get to know us.

We want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who already purchased a membership for this year. We would also like to encourage those of you who have not had the chance yet, to do so. Join our community and take part in awesome activities planned for this year!

With all this being said …

Keep an eye on this page, as well as on all our social media platforms for news and updates!


            The CU Aviation Society


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Fri 05 Feb 2021
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