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BHM Your Story: Obinna on Education

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I'm Obinna Okereke (VP Education), I just finished my M.A in International Relations. My interests are books, mostly legal and techno-thriller novels in general, politics, military history and good podcasts. My favourite thing about Black History Month is it helps us tell our own stories and change the narrative.

Shining The Spotlight On Education

Celebrating the diversity of Black people involves doing the relevant things that move the needle. Inclusive Education moves the needle, and that's why I'm passionate about providing an equitable education for our students. Throughout the year, with your help, I'll be working to decolonise the curriculum, and tackle the attainment gap. 

I'm also passionate about ensuring that Black history is embedded into our education, this understanding of history helps us make informed decisions as we forge ahead.
Our theme this month is learn the past and shape the future, we cannot live without memories of the past and neither can we live within them. We can however learn the relevant lessons from past and blaze a trail of equity and diversity as we shape the future.

Last year at Coventry University Students’ Union and in conjunction with Coventry University, we embarked on our Black Attainment Gap research to enable us identify and eliminate the disparities that affect and hinder the participation of the diverse Black students who study on our campuses. This research curates the experiences of students which will inform the decisions made to dismantle the inequalities affecting black students.

With this in motion, as we celebrate black history month, we can look to the future with renewed optimism and rest assured that changes are in the pipeline.

We celebrate the diversity of black people this day, this month and forever.


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