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Welcome to Black History Month 2019!

Black History Month

Black History Month is an annual celebration of black history and a time for recognizing the achievements, contributions, and culture of the Black community.?Black History Month serves as an exciting and educative time to fill in the gaps left by textbooks and curriculum standards.  

This year our theme is Changing the Narrative. The Coventry University Black community are set to remove negative stereotypes associated with the Black community, celebrate the wins of the Black community, and discuss topics such as mental health in the Black community, improving the Black student study experience and celebrating our roots and culture.   

Historically, the Black community endured the Transatlantic Slave Trade, scientific racism, legal discrimination and de facto segregation. Unfortunately, gaps persist across education, health, justice, and the workplace and contributing to increased pressure, anxiety and more in the Black community. Black women and men are less likely to seek support and treatment for mental health while Black children face an uncertain future as long as their innocence continues to be questioned and unrecognised. But in spite of the obstacles, the Black community has, and continues to, produce great minds and contributions to culture and society.

Learning about Black history is important for all students, and it’s imperative to help Black students learn about themselves. Increasing awareness, treatment, and understanding within the Black community will require an “all hands-on deck” approach. Placing the advancement of our culture on others is unrealistic. By changing the narrative, the black community will be setting the foundation for more productive policies and practices starting from our university.

We have a month of showcases, conversations, events and opportunities open to all students and staff. Let's change the narrative.


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