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What are the aims of NUS Black Students' this year?

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The NUS Black Students’ Campaign represents students of African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean descent at a local and national level on all issues affecting Black students.The campaign focuses on equality in education, black representation, anti-racism and anti-facism and international peace and justice.


Anti Racism and Anti Fascism 

Racism is on the rise across all sections of society: in sport and the media, in politics and in our communities. There is a significant rise in Islamophobia and racism as Black people are scapegoated through propaganda.

The NUS Black Students' campaign challenges all forms of racism, actively stands alongside Black communities when the far-right march through their towns, and supports the families of Black people killed in state custody as they fight for justice and accountability of the Police.

Black Representation 

From parliament to democratic structures within students’ unions, Black people are still underrepresented across society.

We call for the creation of a Black Students’ Officer and association in every students' union to help address the barriers and create the safe spaces necessary for increased engagement.

The NUS Black Students' campaign supports all Black students running in students' union elections, and works closely with academics, and various organisations calling for equal and fair representation.

Equality in Education

The disadvantage and the systematic exclusion and marginalisation of the Black perspective in education are symptomatic of the barriers that restrict many Black students in their struggle to reach their goals.

The NUS Black Students' campaign focuses on narrowing the attainment gap, addressing the lack of Black academic representation and to towards an inclusive and representative curriculum.



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