National Care Leavers' Week!

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For many, University life is the first taste of independance and the first for many to move away from home. A daunting prospect for those (like myself) who had never really quite mastered the ability to multitask washing, cooking and, most importantly, Netflixing whilst keeping calm enough to make sense of the barrage of questions from the parental figure on the other end of the telephone. But for some help isn't as simple as making a quick call to understand the washing machine heiroglyphics; found on the tab on the blue wkd stained shirt worn the night before to a disgruntled parent.


Care Leavers are a demographic of those who are raised in public care. Each case and individual who grows up as a Care Leaver will face unique obstacles and personal challenges that would challenge the best of us without the help and assistance of parents. Coventry University Students' Union  believes that this community is a fantastic opportunity for students to share tips and guide those affected by being a Care Leaver by having an open forum for discussion and raise awareness or running events.


Join us celebrate Care Leavers' week and share the information to those who are stakeholders in the Care Leavers Community, even if you are not a Care Leaver yourself! If you are interested in more please come along to our free and inclusive to all Community Welcome Event too!


More information about Care Leavers' week can be found at the external link below


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