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Meet the Committee 2019/2020


Hi guys, I am Joy, President and founder of CAS. My role is to create content, oversee event organisations and ensure that our members get the most from the society and committee.

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to do 2 weeks legal work experience at KPMG. I sat in corporate tax and litigation department as well as the office of general counsel. This experience taught me how to understand the changing dynamics in business and to produce consistent high-quality research. I was also fortunate enough to gain sponsorship from KPMG, resulting in future collaborations. I am also fortunate to be brand ambassador for TCLA which primarily focuses on increasing students understanding of business and economics in the market.

I personally enjoy challenges and look forward to working with all of our members.


As Vice President of CAS, it is my responsibility to oversee and organise society events alongside the Joy and the committee.

I am looking to enter the commercial sector and have recently completed work experience at Ashurst LLP where I sat in the employment department. This involved reading over service agreements, looking at advisory services for employers and employee (ACAS) suspension rules and researching Government proposals on confidentiality clauses.

I have successfully secured a position on 3 corporate law schemes (SEO London, AS Aspire & STRIVE Supernova).  Outside of my academic studies I am a car enthusiast and enjoy participating in martial arts.

As Editor of CAS, I have a dual role alongside Bez to deliver weekly commercial awareness workshops.

My focus will be to prepare students for the Aspiring Solicitor commercial awareness competition. This will involve practical advice on how to complete each round. I have recently undertaken a month-long internship in an American law firm, CowanGates, to gain a broader appreciation of how the law operates in a different jurisdiction.

During this experience, I worked in a seat rotation system where I got to work in various law departments of the firm. I was exposed to tort law, personal injury, contract, land acquisition, commercial and criminal cases. I got the opportunity to attended court trials with some senior associates of the firm.  In my spare time, I like reading books and travelling. I thoroughly enjoy researching commercial affairs.


I am Nyilany the Inclusion Officer for CAS. My role in simple terms is to make sure anyone that is interested in joining or getting involved in the society can do so and can get the very most out of it!

Aside from striving to develop the commercial awareness of our members a transferable skill that is a requirement for many jobs, our society also prides itself on being an inclusive, supportive and welcoming community that enables all to flourish.

Growing up in many countries, I understand first-hand the difficulties of adapting to a new environment and getting yourself involved. I have always been incredibly passionate about community and inclusion and creating a positive environment for that to take place. This has been demonstrated through my extensive involvement and experiences working with countless organizations.

I am so excited to meet you all and I look forward to seeing you all at our amazing society events. 


I am Besart, Aka Bez. I am one of the Editors for CAS and will primarily focus on developing your understanding of commercial awareness.

I will help run workshops alongside Neha, however my focus will be directly on current affairs and developments in business. In doing so will. I aim to teach you how to apply that information, whether in dialogue or applications for your future employers.

I am a very vocal person, strong on leadership and enjoy keeping up to date with the world around me. A very political creature that enjoys debates avidly. Having come from a family that grew up in an unstable nation, I pride myself on being knowledgeable about global affairs.

Hi guys, my name is Usmaan, I am the Equality and Diversity Advisor. My role ensures that everybody feels welcome and that anybody who joins feels included and gains something out of every event. Looking forward to meeting everybody throughout the year!

Commercial Awareness in our modern-day society is important for everybody that is looking to enter a graduate role involving business, finance, technology, law and politics. Hopefully we can all work together this year to better understand how to become commercially aware. My hobbies include a variety of sports such as football, cricket and martial arts


Hello, my name is Junior Macon and I am the Treasurer of the CAS. I am a final year Law LLB student and Treasurer of the Society. I mainly focus on the financial side, dealing with ticket prices to financial applications for funding.  

Recently, I undertook legal work experience with Kundert Solicitors in Rugby. I had the opportunity to work on various cases, dealing with issues regarding Probate and Wills to Personal Injury.

To me, commercial awareness is having knowledge of business and the economy. I will contribute to help you guys understand controversial issues such as climate change as well as the growth of technology in the legal field e.g. AI and chatbot.

Some of my hobbies are sports like football and swimming as well as spending time with family and friends. 

Please know that a warm welcome awaits you!

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