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Nominations for Committee 20/21


  • Create content
  • Find external speakers and sponsorship from corporate companies
  • Ensure emails and mini site is up to date and accurate
  • Work alongside committee to ensure deadlines are met and bookings are made well in advance
  • Create collaborations with external students to make inter university events
  • Make sure all bookings/forms/workshops are accurate
  • Organise when committee meetings/socials and workshop will take place  


  • Checking emails and responding on behalf of the necessary party
  • Sending out emails to members and those interested
  • Emailing lecturers to book shout outs/ send emails via faculty
  • Working alongside SO’s, Treasury + VP
  • Create room bookings for events


  • Work alongside secretary/Treasurer to meet and follow up with Student Union and ensure all booking made are approved in advance
  • Ensure SU are keeping up with events and note all uncertainties to inform secretary/President

Support Officers

  • Create posters for socials/ events
  • Giving out leaflets in lectures alongside those doing shout outs
  • Putting up posters to promote events
  • Create posters for Aspiring Solicitor events


  • Create a weekly PowerPoint on topic of your choice – Send to President to be returned to editor, ready for weekly workshop. With design
  • Create a follow up newsletter on topic discussed in workshop to be posted that week/following week workshop took place
  • International’s perspective forum on getting into law as a Barrister(if applicable)


Media Office

  • Running the Instagram/ FB/LinkedIn/Twitter to promote CAS
  • Get a committee picture for socials + necessary pictures for site
  • Thinking of innovative ways to promote events to all students + ways the society can reach all different students
  • Promote events to all students via CUSU Site/ Emails when there is an event

Diversity Officer

  • Working alongside Media Officer to promote CAS to all students
  • Encourage students to come to the socials and friendly nature
  • Thinking of innovative ways to promote events to all students + ways the society can reach all different students
  • Promote events to all students when there is an event


Event Officer

  • Plan socials – Food/Sport/ Drinks (Alternating restaurants – Working alongside Treasurer)
  • Arrange committee member jumpers
  • Days you are free, ensure all documents are approved and sent to CUSU – Working with Secretary to make room bookings and follow up where they are unable to 


  • Gain sponsorship from local businesses/restaurants
  • Draft offer to sponsor and follow up with emails – considering what CAS and its members can offer
  • As well Sprinkles Gelato, consider smaller restaurants in the City Centre – Work alongside Event Officer/Secretary to organise this.
  • Negotiate prices


For any positions, please email or following March 15th


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