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5 Reasons to be involved with Equity & Diversity at CUSU...

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CUSU Equity and Diversity is the home of liberation communities & campaigns on campus. We celebrate diversity, promote inclusivity and address issues affecting Coventry University students, aiming to make positive change to the lives of students. We organise events, campaigns, and regularly share resources and opportunities to enhance your student experience. Read on to see why you should get involved: 


1: Our Incredible Events

We run a range of events throughout the year including events for Black History Month, LGBT+ History Month, International Womens Day, One World Week and Chinese New Year. And that's not all, our events are led and shaped by you, you can be involved as much as you want to be. Have an idea for an event that you'd love to take a lead on? Let us know!

Check out some of our previous events, to get a feel for what we have in store for you: 
Black History Month at CUSU | One World Week at CUSU  

A range of events from hearing dogs to drag bingo


2: A Sense of Belonging 

Being part of our communities, allows you to connect with other students like yourself who share your perspective and understand your experiences. We have a number of active communities for you to join, including: Disabled Students, Women Students, LGBTQ+ Students, Students with Responsibilities, International Students, Students of Faith, Self-Supporting Students and Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic Students.

Each of these communities share specific resources, activities and information, and suggest policy specific to these areas. 

3: Skills and Personal Development

Our communities are student led, meaning you lead on all of our activity. By being involved with our extracurricular activities, you could be eligible for a CUSU Leadership Award. This award recognises your involvement and activities, and showcases all the skills you have developed with us in a format that can be digitally and physically viewed by potential employers. We also run a number of Equity & Diversity training programmes, to help you develop your knowledge on all things EDI, this not only develops core skills for employment, but also develops you as a person! 

4: Resources and Support

You can also sign up to receive updates from the communities, meaning you will receive their regular newsletters full of opportunities and information relevant to you. Each community also shares resources and provides signposting, to help provide you with support when you need it. By signing up, you'll also be the first to hear about any drop in sessions with external organisations that have been organised by communities, so you can receive support in ways which are accessible to you. 

5: Make an Impact

Our campaigns have won awards for the last 3 years at the annual CUSU awards, and helped to make a real difference across campus. Some of our most recent campaigns include our Period Poverty Campaign, Pronoun Badge Campaign and Close the Gap Campaign, where we conducted research into the BME Attainment Gap. By being involved with these campaigns, you can be at the heart of making a real impact on campus. You can be involved in a number of ways, from coming up with ideas on how we can make campus more inclusive, to promoting student engagement. 

Have your own ideas for a great campaign? You can start your own campaign with us, which we can help guide, support and implement this across the university! 
Make The Most of Your Experience

Remember, all of our communities are FREE to join, and there's no commitments or regular meetings that you have to attend, you decide how involved you want to be. The communities are open to ALL students to join, and you can join as many as you wish. You can even join a community as an ally, to support their activities throughout the year. 

Join your communities by visiting the Equity & Diversity Hub today. 


Dan Connolly
1:25pm on 23 Sep 20 Hi Ilvars, rather then one society there are multiple groups and you can join each on their respective pages
Ilvars Lelis
4:16pm on 21 Sep 20 How to join society of Equity and Diversity ?
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