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8 CUSU Roadshows coming directly to you over Freshers!

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Fancy having a go at a Snowboard Simulator, an inflatable obstacle course or a penalty shoot-out? Of course, you do!

New for 2019, Coventry University Students’ Union (CUSU) is bringing Communities Roadshows to four university-owned halls of residence and the four main faculties during Freshers. Roadshows are the perfect opportunity to find out more about the Students' Union, meet your flat and coursemates, and have a great welcome (or welcome back) to Coventry.

What is a Roadshow?

The Roadshows combine a showcase of all the things that CUSU has to offer with a chance to meet your officers plus games and activities (both exciting and relaxing), food, support, and a great atmosphere.


Each Roadshow has a unique combination of fun things to do and see, check out your individual Hall or Faculty Roadshow to see exactly what's on offer. Activities include:

  • We have Snowboard and Car Simulators and console gaming rooms alongside coconut shy and giant boardgames;
  • If you're feeling a bit active we'll have sports tasters and tournaments including basketball, table football, and pool;
  • We'll have Gratitude and Instagram Walls;
  • Food and drink tasters (plus a BBQ at Priory Hall!);
  • An Art Therapy room
  • Barbers and Hair & Beauty at the Halls Roadshows to get you ready for those all-important Freshers Parties
  • Faith discussions and a Wellbeing Bus
  • Opportunities to develop skills and make you more employable
  • Live broadcasts from Phoenix Radio (our student radio station that you can get involved with too!)
  • Glitter!


You'll be able to meet and talk to your Officers and Reps at each Roadshow, you can ask them anything! The Students' Union is run by a group of elected students, these officers work for you to make your student life better and represent you at all levels locally and nationally. See who your officers are.


Communities are groups that provide news, events, opportunities and support relating to being a student. There are communities for supporting and developing you academically, communities for your faith and culture, communities for wellbeing, sustainability and safety, liberation communities and more. Almost everything the Students' Union offers falls under one or more of the Communities.

At the Roadshows you'll be able to find out more about each Community and join the ones that interest you the most. Joining a Community is a way of saying "I'm interested in this area", you'll get updates from your Community Officer with relevant news and events and your news on will be personalised to your Communities.

You can see the full list of Communities here.

Halls Roadshows

The Halls Roadshows, in partnership with FutureLets, will take place at:

Each Halls Roadshow will run from 5pm until 8pm.

Faculty Roadshows

The Faculty Roadshows will take place at:

Each Faculty Roadshow will run from 12-4pm.


We also have a whole host of night time Freshers events and you can get involved by purchasing a Freshers pass. Find the full list of all our Freshers and Welcome Festival events here.

For more information about what CUSU can offer you check out:

Coventry University Halls of Residence and FutureLets: