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A guide to TOTUM

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Budgeting at uni is tough, so any savings can only make your life easier. 

Students currently studying within Coventry University group and recent graduates can now apply for a TOTUM card, the new name for the NUS extra card. 

Last year 2,300 students at Coventry University downloaded the TOTUM App and 1,798 bought a TOTUM card – 843 of whom purchased it through the App. 

Bringing you more than 200 UK student discounts, it also comes with one-year FREE International Student Identity Card unlocking more than 42,000 international discounts across 130 counties as well as PASS proof of age accreditation,

Eight of the best UK student discounts and deals include: 

  • Food - Up to 40% off Las Iguanas; 30% off PizzaExpress (food & drink) Sun-Thur 
  • Fashion - 25% off Missguided; 10% off ASOS; up to 20% off BooHoo  
  • Entertainment - 25% off ODEON cinemas 
  • Music & Tech - Apple:10% off Mac & 5% off iPads; Free 6-months prime membership at Amazon 

You can buy a one year card for £14.99, a two year card for £24.99 or a three year card for only £34.99.

You can find out more and apply/ download the App here: 


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