CU Active Presents Pop-Up Sports

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Have you seen people playing Badminton, Tennis or Volleyball around campus? If so, then it’s your chance to get involved with CU Active Pop-Up Sports!


CU Active will be running pop-up sports outside George Eliot and the library, providing all the equipment for you to put down the books and get active. All you’ll have to do is turn up and play!


This is a great chance to unwind after a hectic exam period and is a great way to meet new people and get fit!


Be sure to check out more from CU Active and follow their Facebook and Twitter for news on all the latest pop-ups around campus!


Whats CU Active? CU Active is the no-commitment recreational sports program tailored for you!


Whatever your aim, interest or ability, CU Active offers something for everyone. Get involved today and stay happy and healthy with CU Active!


You can find out more information on lessons and drop-in sessions here


Want to see something added to the programme that isn’t already included? Get in touch at We want to hear from you!


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