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The Students' Union Advice Centre: City Guide - Where to Live?

Looking to rent a student house or flat next year but unsure where?  

Coventry is a vibrant, happening place to live with lots of green spaces, regeneration projects and an iconic Cathedral. Famously the city was the home of 13th century noblewoman Lady Godiva, who rode through the streets naked to gain remission on opressive taxes for the people. It's all set to become the UK’s City of Culture in 2021 creating a huge buzz.?

Most of the areas popular with students are within easy walking distance of Uni.? So, when you do need a taxi they don't cost too much.? Coventry is generally a safe city but you still need to be sensible and not walk home by yourself in the dark, after a night out, which is worth considering when you’re looking at houses. Compact and super easy to get around, it has a good, easy bus service. 

CUSU's Student Advice Centre's team offer some guidance on several areas of the city popular for renting with students:


City Centre 

There are many places to live which obviously has its advantages: not far to walk with lots of shops and places to eat and drink on your doorstep. But one factor to bear in mind is that it may be noisy in certain areas, particularly on weekends, and you’re surrounded by the ring road and traffic – you may prefer quieter, greener spaces. 


A very popular area with both Coventry and Warwick University students.? Earlsdon is good for a night out as there are good pubs and places to eat.?It’s also very close to scenic War Memorial Park if you like big open spaces and parkland - great for walks/runs. Three buses run into town. Bonuses for anyone living in Earlsdon are the great independent shops including Down-to-Earth organic shop (which also delivers veg boxes), pub, restaurants and charity shops. 

Walk to uni: around 25 minutes 

Taxi fare: approx.£6? 



Very popular with students from both Coventry and Warwick universities.?There’s a massive Sainsbury’s (10 mins) and Earlsdon isn’t far (10 mins walk).? The bus service is great here a choice of around 8 buses into the city centre.? Parking isn't a problem in Chapelfields.  

Walk to Uni: around 25 minutes 

Taxi fare: approx.£6? 


Lower Coundon and Radford 

Popular with students, just outside the city centre and close to a large Morrison’s.?Radford was home to famous Coventry-born poet Phillip Larkin and includes the Canal Basin and The Tin Music and Arts Centre. Again, there are some corner shops and takeaways and it’s on a main bus route into Coventry with a choice of buses.? 

Walk to Uni: around 20-minutes 

Taxi fare: approx £5? 


A really popular place to live with Coventry students.?It’s on main bus routes to University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire so there are lots of buses.? Stoke has a main shopping street. 

Walk to Uni: around 25-minutes to walk  

Taxi fare: approx. £6 ? 



A residential area close to CU Campus with lots of affordable terraced houses to rent, The Open Arms pub, Memorial Park and a couple of good curry houses close-by. 

Walk to Uni: around 25-minutes to walk  

Taxi fare: approx. £6 ? 



Just around the corner from the University, this area has lots of student accommodation, including Uni and private Halls.? Parking can be an issue in Hillfields. It’s hardly worth getting a bus home as it’s so close, but you can if you wish.? Hillfields has its own shopping centre with many ethnic food shops and convenience stores.? Hillfields was traditionally the ‘red light’ district of Coventry - lots of regeneration work is being done to transform the area. 

Taxi fare: around £4.50.? 


What about the rest of Coventry?   

Other places to live?include Foleshill and Tile Hill.?These areas are further away, so take longer to get to Uni and taxis will cost more. There may be fewer students in these areas. 

For further advice get in touch with CUSU's Student Advice Centre here based in THe Hub, Coventry.