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EU Settlement Scheme

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As you will have heard by now the UK is leaving the European Union. This transition period will come to an end on December 31st 2020. Throughout the transition period free movement has continued, however as of January 1st 2021 there will be some changes that you should know about.

EEA and Swiss citizens, and their family members, who are resident in the UK prior to 1 January 2021 will not require a visa and will be eligible to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme to protect their UK residency status.


What is the EU settlement scheme?

The scheme has been brought in to allow EEA and Swiss nationals to continue living, working or studying in the UK with the same access to public services. The scheme would grant you either Settled or Pre-Settled status.

There is plenty of information on the EU settlement scheme, however the most reliable information can be found on the UK Gov website


How do I do it?

There is a free online application which has been made as simple as possible. If you did want to apply you would need to do so by 30th June 2021, to be eligible, you must have been a resident in the UK prior to 1st January 2021.


Further Questions

If you have further questions there is a really helpful resource that allows you to ask questions about applying for settled status. You can access that here!


Rebecca Jackson
4:54pm on 3 Dec 20 I had no real idea about the settlement scheme, I had only heard it being thrown around everywhere throughout Brexit. This is definitely very important, thank you very much for posting !
Hristo Kirov
12:19am on 3 Dec 20 Thanks for writing this! It's vital for students to be more aware of the current state of the UK, snice I know plenty of EU students, myself included, who aren't always up to speed with this information and might end up effected, due to neglegence. It's great that content like this is pushed out!
Joshua McFadden
11:58pm on 2 Dec 20 Thankyou for posting this, I know a lot of students that are concerned
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