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How do you spend your time between classes?

It is very common for students to have gaps between lectures, and it's not always easy to find productive things to do during these free hours.  

Here are easy things to do in Coventry University to occupy your time during the week!

  1. Spend time at the Library: Use this time to get ahead on your coursework or upcoming projects. Find a favourite spot and get things done in the day instead of putting them off to the evening. There are various study spots on campus but the most popular is the library with five floors of learning resources and 24 hour opening. If you're a postgraduate there are study support and facilities located in the Jaguar Centre as well. 

  1. Visit Careers: Already set on your dream job? Or still trying to decide? Head over to the Career Centre in TheHub or he employability office in your department and fix up your resume to keep it current and competitive with other students. 

  1. Visit the Gym: Feel part of your University community with Active Health and Fitness. The university’s gym has a range of activities aimed at all levels and capabilities. As long as you don't mind going to class after a good workout this is a really good option. Keep a change of clothes in your book bag and start logging those workouts. 

  1. Relax: Take a break from the walls of your bedroom and classroom and soak up some sun (when it's out!) or find a nice sheltered spot to hang out with friends or enjoy some peace. There are many places to relax on campus including the fourth floor of the library fourth and TheHub. 

  1. Organise your Planner: Planners are super helpful to remember assignments, exams, papers, and meetings that are coming up. It's good practice at the beginning of the week to sit down and plan out everything you need to get done that week, but if you don't manage that use those lecture gaps to keep your planner up to date. 

  1. Find an on-campus job: These can be super easy to work into your schedule when you're already on campus and have a few hours to kill. You'll also have extra money around!  

  1. Visit the Inter Faith room: The Spirituality and Faith Centre is located at the heart of the campus and is a warm, safe environment for all students and staff irrespective of your beliefs. It has a multi-faith meeting room, chapel, Muslim prayer rooms (with ablution facilities), lounge, multi-faith library and kitchen. It's an island of peace in a vibrant campus welcoming to all. There are regular organised events and activities and it is located at the Hub (Third Floor). 

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