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Isabelle's Tips for Studying Online

Isabelle shares tips they have found useful while adjusting to learning online. #EngageToAchieve

The CUSU Engage To Achieve Campaign Features: Isabelle Barker

Isabelle is a second year Acting student studying at CU Scarborough, read the below article where they share top tips for studying online:

Online learning can be intense, working in environments so different to what you’re used to on top of focussing on a screen for long periods of time seemingly disconnected from your peers. However, there are still ways to make the most of learning online and continue to engage and achieve. 

My top tips for staying motivated to learn online: 

  • Write out why you chose your course what you love about it. Having that physical reminder of why you are studying your chosen course can help motivate you when things get harder.  

  • Find your focus. I find that focussing while online is harder than face to face teaching, so I make the time before class to get into the right mindset. I do this by; doing some yoga, going for a run, tension release exercises or meditation.  

  • Create a learning space. The environment you do your online learning in makes a big difference. Find a space that’s purely for your studies somewhere that supports your learning for the course you’re on (try not to be on your bed, to promote separation between focus of work and relaxation) Try and find if possible somewhere quiet and without as many distractions with all of the equipment/ books you need on hand.  

  • Have a drink on hand. Having water or tea nearby is a huge motivator to stay focussed and engaged with each sip I am able to stay grounded.  

  • Utilise your breaks. If you’re given a break in your classes use that time to look away from the screen, getup walk around and stretch. By looking after yourself physically you’ll find classes easier to engage with and to stay motivated overall.  

I hope these tips help you! Good luck with the upcoming term. 

- Isabelle Barker


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