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Lockdown 3.0 and Welcome

England is currently in a new national lockdown. We know this is going to be a difficult period for our members, socially and academically. We’ve rounded up the key things you need to know as well as support and tips to help you through it...

Lockdown 3.0

England is currently in a new national lockdown, if you are currently in England you should only leave home for one of a few reasons and this guidance is law, you can be fined for breaching it. 

We know this is going to be a difficult period for a lot of our members, socially and academically, and no doubt you’ll have questions about what to do and how things will work. 

We’ve rounded up the key things you need to know as well as support and tips to help you through it. 


Teaching for almost all courses will be entirely online until at least mid-February.

This lockdown is more like the one in March of last year, campuses will not be open for teaching except for a few courses and you will most likely not receive face-to-face teaching. 

If your course will continue to receive face-to-face teaching the University will notify you but otherwise you should not come to campus. 


Access to the library continues as it did pre-Lockdown. You will need to pre-book a study space or appointment and you’ll need your ID card and booking confirmation to enter. 

Sports Centre 

The Sports Centre is closed. 


TheHub is open 9am-5.30pm as a study space for those that need it or access to the wifi. Hot food is also available at lunchtime. Not all seats and workstations are available for use, if a space has signage indicating it is not to be used please don’t sit or work at that space. 


If you are due to go on placement you should check the arrangements with your Course Director. It is expected that placements will go ahead as planned. 

Teacher Training 

All teacher training courses will go ahead as planned. 


You will access your learning via Aula. If you have trouble accessing your Aula please contact IT Services

Travel and Accommodation 

You should remain where you are, do not travel between your term-time and permanent addresses. 

If you are currently in your halls or student house you should remain there, if you are at home you should not travel back to your halls or student house. 

What about my visa? 

If you are an international student worried about how the travel restrictions affect your visa, and whether you can travel home or should return to the UK please contact the International Office

What about my accommodation? 

If you are in your student accommodation you should remain there and follow the guidance your accommodation provider gives. If you have any issues with your accommodation you can contact the Students Union Advice Centre.

For students unable to return to their accommodation we're in talks with the University and hope to have an update soon.

Clubs, Societies, Volunteering 

All face-to-face club and society activity will stop during lockdown, any planned activities will be cancelled. Virtual activity can still go ahead. 

Some volunteering will still go ahead, you should contact your placement provider to check. 


Welcome will be entirely virtual, we’ll be launching our programme of virtual events on Tuesday and you can join clubs and societies online right now at our virtual fairs

Support in Lockdown 

Connections Matter has articles, resources, virtual events and support to ensure students and staff can stay connected and healthy. 

We published a pair of articles with support for getting through the Winter break at home and coping with the Winter Holiday as an LGBTQ+ student, while the Winter break is coming to and a lot of the advice and links still apply. 

University Welfare Support Services covers all student issues including: care leavers, maternity, accommodation disputes, domestic and relationship issues, academic issues, academic appeals and temporary/permanent withdrawals. 

Importantly, we’re here to listen to your feedback and do our best to make improvements, you can contact with any worries or concerns you have, if you need help with money, accommodation, or academic representation you can contact, and if you need to contact your academic rep you can find them at  

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