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Lockdown Update

The new lockdown rules come into effect on Thursday 5th November and run until Wednesday 2nd December. In this article we break down what this means for you as a student.

The new lockdown rules come into effect on Thursday 5th November and run until Wednesday 2nd December. There is specific guidance for students from both the University and the Government. Please read this guidance to ensure you understand what you should and shouldn't do. If you have any concerns or questions there are links and contacts at the bottom of this article.

Michelle Donelan, the Minister of State for Universities, has written to all students and the University have confirmed that our campuses will remain open.

Teaching and Learning

Campuses will remain open and teaching and learning will remain unchanged. So any face-to-face teaching you currently receive you should continue to receive and any online learning you receive should also continue.

Remember that if you experience any challenges with your teaching experience you can contact your Rep, speak to the Advice Centre, or reach our to Obinna, your Vice President for Education. The Students' Union exists to represent your interests, if you encounter any issues with your academic experience contact us for help.

Accommodation and Travel

The guidance from the Government and the University is that you should not travel home. Remain at your current accommodation. You can leave your accommodation to attend face-to-face teaching, for work, essential shopping, exercise, medical appointments, to provide care, or to escape injury or harm, but you should not move back home (or elsewhere) until after the lockdown has finished.

If you are having problems with your accommodation or are currently homeless please contact the Advice Centre.


If you currently commute to University you can continue to travel for educational purposes, but you should follow the guidelines for safer travel (keep your distance, wash/sanitise hands, wear a face covering).

International Students

There is some additional guidance from the Government for International Students: you may choose to return to your home country. If you do consider this option please remember that you may need to self-isolate when you reach your home country (and again when you return to the UK), ensure you check the terms of your visa, and the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office is currently advising against all but essential travel. You should ensure you inform your accommodation provider as you will likely have to take your belongings with you.

We recommend you speak to the International Office if you are considering this course of action to ensure you fully understand the outcomes.

Sickness and Safety

If you have any symptoms of coronavirus you should not attend any face-to-face teaching, you need to self-isolate and report your symptoms using the University's form. You should also inform your accommodation provider. Your accommodation provider should have provision in place to ensure you are supplied with food during your self-isolation, if you have to self-isolate and have no way of obtaining food please contact the Advice Centre.

While on campus it's really important that you follow the safety rules in place: social distancing, face coverings, hand sanitiser. If you need to check the rules you head to for an animated reminder!

SU Services on Campus

Once lockdown commences, a lot of social and retail services on campus will change. Cafes will be takeaway only and the University will release updates on their other services shortly. For the Students' Union, face-to-face student group activity (e.g. in-person sport and society events) will stop.

In Coventry, you will still be able to come to TheHub Reception upstairs and speak to someone from CUSU face to face, but most SU departments will be working from home and all appointments will be remote (via email or Teams). In Scarborough and London all contact with CUSU will be remote.

If you are unsure how to contact a department or member of staff at CUSU email and they'll be able to help you.


Studying at University can be a stressful experience at the best of times so with another lockdown looming it's even more important to take care of yourself and others. The nature of lockdown means that much of the support will have to be virtual but that doesn't mean it can't still help you if you're feeling anxious, isolated, or upset. Some tips:

  • Check in with your friends and coursemates. Human contact with someone going through the same thing, even if just via message, can help relieve stress and anxiety. Physical isolation will make you feel lonely but you're not going through this alone. And even if you aren't struggling, the message you send to a friend might be just the thing they need.
  • Structure your day and week. Allocate time for exercise, relaxing, study and work, cooking and eating, and sleeping! As non-essential services close down and you're less able to go out there might be fewer anchors around which to build your routine so you'll need to set time aside for activities to ensure your day doesn't blur together. It can be easy to forget things like eating, sleeping, and staying hydrated(!) but your body needs them and you'll feel better for doing them.
  • Connections Matter. The University has a range of events and resources to help promote wellbeing, visit Connections Matter now.
  • Student Space has a range of articles on how to deal with loneliness and how to develop positive habits to support your mental health.
  • Online activities are still taking place, we have a big prize quiz next week hosted by The Beast (from TVs The Chase) and are adding new events each week. Online events can be a great way to have fun, wind down, and connect with other people.
  • We also have an article full of stress-beating tips for you

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