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Jan's Online Learning Experience #EngageToAchieve

Students are welcomed to submit a blog and/or video sharing their experience learning online together with any tips to share with other students for the #EngageToAchieve Campaign. They will each be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 amazon voucher. We invite you to read this blog submitted by Jan Siara

My Online Learning Experience



The situation that we are currently in is suboptimal to say the least, however learning online has been a beam of light during the pandemic.

Students not only have more time during the day because they don’t have to travel but also every lecture is recorded to revisit at one’s convenience.

Although recorded sessions have appeared before, they have never been so efficient. From time to time lecturers have forgotten to press record or when faced with a technical issue, they decided to continue with the lecture abandoning the idea of recording it.

Therefore, because of online learning student have certainty that the lecture/seminar material will be available online. Because of it one can allocate their entire focus on understanding the lecture/ seminar and later revisit it to take notes and revise.

The only advantage of face to face teaching was the ability to engage and ask questions. Nevertheless, going back to my previous point students were busy taking notes anyway and therefore didn’t engage in the lecture.

With online learning students can go through a lecture material and when they have questions e-mail the lecturers or post a question on Aula.

Lastly, my biggest tip for online students is to create a single word document for every subject and write, paste or draw everything in there. Those will be your revision notes or in case of an open book. Exam a big help. All you need to do is press ‘Control+f’.

In summary, online learning is very simple and efficient and, in my opinion, should be carried on.


Click here to find out more on the #EngageToAchieve campaign, how to enter and some useful resources for online learning.


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