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National Student Money Week – Entertainment

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It’s so important to make sure you have some downtime to help you chill out and relax but sometimes this can become more expensive than you may think. Going out, eating out, streaming services, events, shows and more can all add up quickly. Luckily, there are so many great offers and tips out there to help you make your pound go further.

Paper over Plastic

A great place to start with saving money is by trying to pay for things with cash. You can choose your spending limit and withdraw it before you go shopping, stopping you from going over budget. Plus, studies suggest that people spend more when paying by card.

Get Social

Why not sign up to a sports club or a society? Many of our sports and societies offer their members exclusive discounts or awesome trips around the world. Before you start signing up to all of them, make sure you have the time to commit to them and take time to talk to the club or society officials, they’ll let you know exactly what we can offer you.

Get a Totem card

The card formally known as NUS Extra gives you access to loads of discounts and offers across a wide range of shops, restaurants, services and more! Plus if you get a multiple year card you’ll save on the price of the card and get discounts for even longer. Don’t forget to get a three-year card before you leave uni so you can carry on saving once you’ve graduated!

Vouchers, vouchers, vouchers!

If you’re going out, wherever it may be, had a look to see if there are any vouchers you can get your hands on and check deals on cashback sites. You might be able to save yourself a small fortune. It’s always worth looking out for deals that are tagged on to another purchase, banks, insurance companies and more often offer additional perks like discounts and freebies with their services, just check their deals first to make sure the freebies are worth it.

The Early bird catches the worm

If you’re wanting to head to a gig, festival or show many ticket sellers will offer an early bird discount, so if you can get in their early you can cut the cost of your ticket. The same goes for travel, the earlier you can book, the better the price of your tickets will be, so always try and plan ahead!

Sharing is Caring

Things like subscription services can be shared with multiple people as many offer multiple users on 1 account. If you and your housemates all want to sign up to a subscription service why not split the cost and share one account between you. You could also share your subscription with other friends or family.

Switch it up

On a night out alternate between alcoholic drinks and water. If alcohol is being served the venue has to provide free drinking water, not only will you save some cash by doing this but you’ll be glad of it in the morning! It’s also worth keeping your kitchen stocked with some post-party snacks rather than picking up a takeaway on the way home.

Log on to

Here at CUSU, we put on a wide range of events, many of which are completely free to attend or we will offer you a very attractive discount. Just head to our what’s on section for a full list of what we’ve got coming up and how you can get involved.


Saving money doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love, it’s about being smarter about how you go about it. Let us know your top money saving tips in the comments!


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